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Originally Posted by joshd View Post

I didn't recognized the name at first You're my service adviser at Passport BMW for my wife's AW E93 M3. I just brought it in a month or so ago for the break-in service and we chatted about mods and racing, etc.

The problem I'm having is that the M3 feels slow compared to my M5. I know it's the slowest E9x M3 you can buy being a convertible and 6-speed but still ... that's the reason I'm looking to get a baseline dyno (make sure she's healthy) and then throw some parts at it and see if I can get it closer to the M5 (apparently it weighs about the same!).

- Josh
Hey dude!

Yeah, it's me. I can't hide anywhere.

Well, if the Dyno reads low, then it's an excuse to throw some mods at it. Yes, the E93 is a boat anchor. Sorry. Still, if I wanted a convertible, it would absolutely top my list!

I've seen dyno's as low as 308 rwhp on the M3's. Still, it's all relative to the dyno, day, conditions, etc.. etc...
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My dog swallowed my FOB. Luckily it was Comfort Access so I could still drive the car. Of course I had to take him with me everywhere and every time he rolled over the windows went down.