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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
I’ve been driving for 3 hours. Stopped by my place to chug some food down. Pit stop that is. Took me about 30 minutes to get dialed in with the settings and the car, and then the games began. I first found some nice twisties, and then got onto I-90 ~100mph. Simply amazing! The responsiveness of the engine and agility of the chassis is fucking unbelievable!
Lucid - Thanks for letting me be there when you got your car and be jealous in person. Although others have said it before, the JB/FR/CL is amazing in person. They are very complex colors that look great in real life. I'm now questioning my SSII/Black/CL even though it's too late (status 151). I'm sure I will like it too.

I got to be the "chase car" for a while in my X5. The car sounds amazing from behind. When Lucid pushed the revs, the X5 was no match - I even hit the rev limiter on the X5 trying to keep up for one short section. The muffler didn't look as bad as I feared from behind.

The car really does have presence. When Lucid and I took different paths, I immediately passed an E46 M3. The E46 still looks great but the E92 is just as eye catching.

Congrats Lucid - at the rate you are going you will have the break-in done in no time.

PS: None of you have guessed the shoes he picked (see pic).

PPS: Lucid's CA knew all about the Nebraska fiasco - he made a few jokes...

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