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Originally Posted by VF-Engineering View Post
^Good stuff, SYZ! It would normally take around 6-7hrs. but it sounds like you did some other maintenance while you were in there. You can save a lot of time swapping the pulleys by loosening the supercharger from the bracket rather than taking it off completely. How many miles have you driven since you first installed the VF540?
Correct, I had to take off the supercharger bracket just to remove the driver side coil cover to access the plugs. I debated whether I should leave that side off for future plug changes, but opted to re-install it. Perhaps I can just remove the supercharger next time. I'll have to look again how accessible the bolts are. For the most part, I only have a basic set of sockets and tools. I think the second time around I would be able to do it much quicker.

I had about 5500 miles on the 540 kit; installed since May. Never had a problem with check engines lights. I was running the original software the entire time. Nik sent me an update a couple months back, but I didn't bother installing it.