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Originally Posted by NemesisX View Post
The initial debut will of the 3IS will be with the old 3.5 N/A 306 HP V6 and 2.5L N/A 204 HP V6, but the mid-cycle refresh engines show a lot of promise as far as tuning goes (factory twin turbo with 350 HP stock? I'll take it).
Regarding this engine speculation, I think its not enough for Lexus to release a new car with the old engine. Lexus needs to start the IS on a fresh start. The Lexus IS is OLD, it was last completely redesign in 2005, almost 7 years?

I do understand Lexus did it with the new GS, it could have been a great chance to introduce a new transmission with their new 7-8 speed automatic transmission to go along with an improved V6 engine. Better power and efficiency, along with a better fuel economy in their respective segment. That's just my opinion.

If there is some credence in what you say, hope Lexus releases the engine right away and not wait until the mid cycle refresh which is another 3-4 years. It's competitors, lets say are BMW, Infiniti, Audi have upgraded their 6 cylinder engine arsenal with the BMW 3 Series I6 TwinPower Turbo, maybe Infiniti's G series will have something new with their V6 next year and Audi A4-A5 line have their supercharged V6.

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