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Originally Posted by b man View Post
You guys are funny... i thought BMW's owners were a mature, affluent sort... I feel like im in a honda forum tring to sell some integra vtec wheels.... Why cant we keep the chatter to minimum...

I dont think its a rip off... the other sets have 1000-5000miles on them.. not 45 miles... You guys are super harsh... Freaking rude and annoying.... And crying about a price of something you are not even buying??
By your logic, you would sell your car part by part - you would make a fortune. The fact of the matter is that isn't the way it works, and what others and I have said is that your asking price is/was way above market - you're obviously not trying to rip anybody off, it just provoked comments given the difference.

I've found this board very helpful, there are plenty of trolls (I'm sure you think I am one of them and just trying to build my post count) as with any board, but I've learned a lot and try to do the same for others. There is a lot of open discussion, like my suggestion that you are above market. Maybe it should have been PM'd to you, my bad if that pissed you off. I posted the other links to support what I said, not to shit on your auction.