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Originally Posted by sameh View Post
So say in a red traffic light you will take a 90 right turn, do you hold 1st gear till you're straigthning the car then shift or do you shift while turning. Caus sometimes holding the first is not an option when the car is cold and I'm trying to avoid passing 3K RPM.
I do both depending on circumstances, but usually I avoid shifting during 90 degree or greater turns if I can. If I do need/want to shift while making a sharp turn, I just do it at the beginning before the wheel is turned enough to the point I need to move my hand off the paddle, or at the end after the wheel has turned back enough to reposition my hand on the paddle.

Also, as far as the car being cold, I just let the sliding limiter do its thing and not worry about 3K or any other artificially imposed RPM limit.