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Originally Posted by ucla1995 View Post
Dude, the dealer with access to the BMW system already told us that the colors are the same for 2011 as with 2010, even for the Competiton Package. It's just another option package for the regular car. Of course you can always special order colors, but that's not new.
Dude, I'll quote my own post further down...

"Maybe a restricted color choice although the order system didn't show it."

The discussion of Dakar Yellow came as a result of comments from someone in BMW Marketing. It was our interpretation of what was said (reference to the Edition cars) and maybe we read too much between the lines. As I noted it was speculation. I don't believe there will be any new colors either but I suspect that what DealerSpeed (CenterNet) shows for MY2011 is possibly not final. And while you can spec a car there aren't even March allocations yet, at least not for the dealer who is investigating this with me. Those won't be out until the latter part of January.
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