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I posted this in the other "import from the US thread" as well. Sorry for the duplicate.

I'm considering doing this next spring/summer for a 1-2yo M3.

Being that I live in Prince Albert, SK any US car is going to be 1000 and likely 2000+K away. Has anybody else done this over a long distance? How do you do it without making multiiple trips to the US dealer. As I see it I'll have to be nearly 100% certain I'll want the car before I start the process. If I do it in person I'll need to fly down, purchase the car, send the bill of sale to the border and then arrive there no sooner than 72hrs later.

Now how about paying for the car? Would I need to negotiate the exact price before I got there and get a certified cheque or money order from a bank here? Or can I still negotiate the price once I get down there and then get a Certified Cheque made there? I dont know much about international banking so I'm not sure how this part works.

I need to get temporary plates from the US dealer and a service record with a statement that no recalls are necessary. I also get him to turn on DRL's. Now once this is all done I can drive the car to the border with bill of sale, this piece of paper (lots of copies) and make sure it's no sooner than 3 days before I sent the bill of sale to the border.

Now I'm a litlle uncertain on the RIV timeline. Is that all done after I arrive here, or do I need to send something to them while in the US or before I leave Canada?

Sorry if that's a lot of questions, but it seems most people just drive across to a dealership close by. I wish I could do that, but I highly doubt that will be the case.