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Vf Supercharged On E85

Hey guys, i figured id make a post about my experience with this car. It started stock exactly two years ago today (Bought it feb 2nd 2016).

Its a 2008 BMW M3 coupe. 6 speed. (original clutch still )At 65k had BE BEARINGS dont with ARP bolts (pic 1). At roughly 70k i had gotten a Gintani E85 tune (burble) along with Advanced Fuel Dynamics PROFLEX Commander installed (pic 2 of the install). Ran Great. Also threw on test pipes, under drive pulley but for some reason decided to keep it with the stock 2008 OEM intake and filter (legit too lazy to buy a new filter) and she threw down 384 on a dynojet. (pic 3 of baseline and fbo on e85)

at 78k miles i decided i wanted more power so i went and bought a vf620 supercharger kit and got a BPM tune (pic 4). installed it, ran great... but i had forgotten to swap out spark plugs so within 3 days it started to blow spark out and dip down on power(pic 5 and 6). I waited roughly 2/3 months before finally getting new plugs (went with NGK Laser Iridium 95770 at a .22 gap pic 7). Was recommended to me by the shop i go to and works great (except on really cold days it struggles to start when filled with E85 but that was anticipated)

Now she has new plugs (at 85k) and currently running great (so i think). Got it dynoed yeserday at a local dynojet (will be going back to my normal dynojet ive used next week) and she put down some good numbers. Their AFR reader was reading all wack, might be my car, might be their reader, i dont know for sure(pic 8 showing ARF up to 18). So my way to illuminate the confusion will be to go to my old dyno and retry there since i know they have been consistent so far. I did dyno my car at my normal dynojet when i supercharged it to try and pinpoint where my power loss was coming from(pic 5 again). It was dynoed on E85 and had no boost leak (ran 7.25 psi) and good AFR (12.05 at WOT till redline). I was under the impression that even with blown out spark plugs it was still getting the needed amount of fuel so that is why even with yesterdays dyno AFR i wasnt too worried.

Yesterday i got a little impatient so i went to a different dynojet than i normally go to. He was a great dude, building some powerful machines there. Just seemed my car's AFR weren't reading correct and when it did read good i thought it had an odd outcome. (pics 8-10)

will post more as i do more.

i drive it everyday. Spirited runs every weekend. Never skips a beat. Im sure there are thing i should monitor more closely (being AFR) but it hasnt had any issues so I will let her be for now...

I will be throwing on the vf650 Pulley and im assuming i will need a new belt and tune? (any info would help).

As of yesterdays dyno on E85 she put down:
STD smoothing 5 - 584whp and 420tq
STD smoothing 0 - 617whp and 434tq
SAE smoothing 5 - 570whp and 410tq (dont have the sheet for it)

When i go with the 650 pulley i am hoping for over 650+whp and 450+wtq on e85.
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