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Well i'm 21, closed on my first house on nov 18. I've been wanting an e9x m3 since I started seeing the spy pics back in 07. Since then I've been obsessed and can't wait to buy one. An oppurtunity arose for this condo and I couldn't say no.1200 sq ft, 25th floor on ftl beach. What would you do? Not living w parents and still driving a BMW sure beats living w your parents and having an m3. Now that I'm settled in and have all my furniture, my next move is the car.
Buying your OWN car and not your parents doing it for you builds character and makes you appreciate the toys in life. I'd feel guilty seeing my dad spend his hard earned money for his jackass 21 yr old to cruise around in an m3, especially when most people don't have 2 pennies to rub together anymore. Props to those of you who did it alone, I commend you and certainly can't wait to join the club. And to those of you who started w an m3 as a first car, well, you better hope your next car is better then an m3, because you'll be pretty disappointed when in 10 yrs you drive a prius(great car) and you think back and say," yes I was 16, drove to high school in an m3, popped bottles at 19, spent all my money on exhaust, and now I'm 26 and couldn't afford it on my own if I tried." oh well. Just my .02, interesting thread tho. Good day
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