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Originally Posted by GnokGnik View Post

I have seen a black e90 m3 and another black e92 m3 both being driven by ASIAN GIRLS 18~24 going to UCI. (I am sorry about the prejudice, but everyone knows those M3's are goners). Actually, I think I have seen am Asian chick drive the only M5 @ UCI as well.

It's amazing how horrible a sample this forum is of the typical BMW owner. Not saying that Asian girls are the majority of M3 owners, but you guys know what I mean.

I guess a White male in his 30's-50's is the typical owner.
girls arent as wreckless of drivers as guys are i 20 something year old male would probably be more likely to crash his m3 than a 18 yo girl. thats why insurance is cheaper for girls. you never hear girls talk about racing people.