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Originally Posted by sin911 View Post
Too many rich people here in Miami, people don't really notice the M3.

The body is essentially a beefed up 3 series, and some people don't realize it's an M. That's what I love about this car, it doesn't scream "look at me!!!"

It's muscular yet subtle, and very pretty.
I have spent a lot of time in Socal and a bit of time in Soflo. Both these areas are very "look at me" types of places. It isn't just the cars, but the subcultures in general. Lots of money, lots of really high end cars. I remember once when my wife and I were at the Fontainbleau. I remember counting 26 Bentley sightings in 3 days........and 0 Honda Accords!!! Wouldn't want to own a Bentley there. Just too common. The one somewhat attainable brand that isn't very common, anywhere, however, is Aston Martin.
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