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Originally Posted by Nine View Post
You are trolling. Plain as day here, this is what annoys me, and lucky for you I just had my morning boost of expresso.

I don't want to get into a game of semantics here, but throwing around the term that any M3 in any of it's interations was a "wannabe sports car" is trolling.

Is the M3 the purist of sports cars, no, is it a wannabe? No way, it was specifically designed to suit it's purpose, it's accolades show such success. How can you be the benchmark (as you stated) and yet be a 'wannabe' - I think you might be using words you don't understand.

The term "wannabe" is the issue. Btw, I never used the term "pure" or "compromise", you are trolling here again. I never even directed my point to the M3 being a pure sports car.

Please explain this to me, since I seem to know nothing. How could it be that the M3 is joy to drive on a track, people love driving it, they love the sound it's V8 engine makes at 8000rpm, they love the balance the feeling, and yet it is a "wannabe"...

While it's no cayman R, GT3 or whatever, the All interations of the M3 certainly deserve better than some clown on the internet saying that the M3 is a 'wannabe'.

PS you are off topic, nobody wants to open that can of worms - I don't even know who you are addressing with this post...seems out of place.

Also, btw I consider the GT-R a sports car!!!

Don't you get tired of calling everyone a troll? Did you just learn what a troll is or something? You seem to have an obsession. Someone who has a difference of opinion(or fact) isn't a troll.
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You sound like my buddies who have AMG's - Slam the gas, slam the brakes...