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Originally Posted by Nine View Post
You are trolling. Plain as day here, this is what annoys me, and lucky for you I just had my morning boost of expresso.

I don't want to get into a game of semantics here, but throwing around the term that any M3 in any of it's interations was a "wannabe sports car" is trolling.

Is the M3 the purist of sports cars, no, is it a wannabe? No way, it was specifically designed to suit it's purpose, it's accolades show such success. How can you be the benchmark (as you stated) and yet be a 'wannabe' - I think you might be using words you don't understand.

The term "wannabe" is the issue. Btw, I never used the term "pure" or "compromise", you are trolling here again. I never even directed my point to the M3 being a pure sports car.

Please explain this to me, since I seem to know nothing. How could it be that the M3 is joy to drive on a track, people love driving it, they love the sound it's V8 engine makes at 8000rpm, they love the balance the feeling, and yet it is a "wannabe"...

While it's no cayman R, GT3 or whatever, the All interations of the M3 certainly deserve better than some clown on the internet saying that the M3 is a 'wannabe'.

PS you are off topic, nobody wants to open that can of worms - I don't even know who you are addressing with this post...seems out of place.

Also, btw I consider the GT-R a sports car!!!
Whatever fanboi.

See name calling works both ways. Sorry I'm not a badge whore like yourself.

You stated to the other poster:

Example, your opinion is that an M3 is a "wannabe sports car", that is clearly not the truth.
While your opinion may be that it isn't...the truth is in fact the opposite.

As I mentioned in my previous post....the M3, C63, RS4, IS F and CTS V....are all super sedans....and ALL "wannabe" sports cars. There are far too many compromises in every one of them to be even remotely considered true sports cars.

Did the M3 set the benchmark for the segment? I already stated. The benchmark in a class that is defined by luxury, practicality, technology with some "nice" performance....not as a "true" or "pure" sports the GT R that you, yourself, admit is a true sports car.

Btw, I do feel "lucky" that you had your morning coffee (expresso???) and provided the drivel that shows you really know jack squat and can't get off your knees and stop felating all that is BMW.