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Originally Posted by OckEME3 View Post
I agree with the OP, my ///M3 is my first BMW and so when I got a loaner on Monday which was a brand new 335i (automatic), I was actually surprised about the quality of the interior on the 335i and the over all feel of the car. I don't want to bash on 335 owners but I don't know why people compare the 335 vs M3. I'm so glad I got my GF to drive the 335 so she could see the difference between the two cars and stop bugging me about my what she calls, over priced car. Since this is my first BMW, the M3 is completely different then the 335. If I was to choose between the infinity and the 335, I would probably got for the Infinity coupe. just my .02.
You definitely went top|down, not down|up when comparing the 335 vs M3. Like many on this forum, I use to drive a 335 coupe, and now have the M3 coupe. And like you, I noticed a complete change in the car, including the quality of the interior (obviously everyone knows the difference between the two in engine/drivetrain/etc).

I think the biggest misconception people have is that the M3 is 'just another 3'. I hear that comments alot and thought the same before I got the M3 myself. While the foundation of the car are the same as a 328 or an 335, the car is built so differently, and with a much higher grade of materials and performance features, its can stand alone as a separate entity.

Being in the M3 is a whole lot different then the stock 335 (not that the 335 isn't a great car, I loved that one as well).