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Originally Posted by kbp335 View Post
420hp and only 270 ft.torque is pretty pathetic if you ask me. You have to rev the heck out of the engine to even get to that 420hp for a brief second between 7500-8500 rpm.
Originally Posted by kbp335 View Post
Don't compare a 3 series to a's not even close. The M3 power is at the bottom of all it's competitor. Yeah yeah sure it's meant to shine on the track not at a straight line. But your average joe don't take it to the track, his race track is the freeway and stop light to stop light. Which put the M3 at a big disadvantage. The M3 dominance over competition ended with the E46.

if you would know a little bit about race cars, you would be thinking how stupid that post is.

He is not comparing Ferrari to M3 ... You are missing the point dude ... The philosophy of the way they are building their engines is the same ... not the cars