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Originally Posted by index1489 View Post
Don't forget about insurance costs, average cost to insure a car like a aventador is $1500 a month, I know someone who has one, in 6 months he has 300 miles on it, what's the point.

If you want to be sensible the MP4-12c is probably the best car in the low 200k range when all the considerations are taken, unlike all these lambo's and ferraris people are afraid to put miles on, 100k miles on porsches no problem.
I am not sure on $1500 a month. Seems extremely high for a $350k-$450k car.

I looked in 2009 at picking up a Ferrari F430 and all costs to own one and my insurance agent told me it would cost me $150-$250 more a month than my BMW insurance payment which was pretty new then.

Maybe they are that much. I wouldn't pay that kind of money even if I had it.