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Originally Posted by DANMACINSD View Post
I'm not real new to the site, and I can usually pick up on things pretty quickly. For the life of me I am continuously distracted when I surf through e90post. For example, I always start in the "new posts" area. Say I am on page 5 of new posts and deep into a thread with 10 pages. How do I go back to page 5 of the new posts without hitting the back button until I have carpel tunnel syndrome? Just out of curiousity also, how does my rank move up? It seems like I've been a private first class for a year. I'd like to be a general or something maybe.
In regards to your first question, see the attatchment.

Your rank moves up when you contribute to any forum that's not in the Off-Topic section. Basically, a post in any forum such as the general e90/92/93 board, the Gallery section, or the General Car Discussion section will increase your overall post count. Your rank advances according to your total number of posts.

You can edit your "rank" in the User CP if you want. I, for instance, have "Automotive Design Whore". Check the left column in the User CP. Look for your options. It should be explanatory.
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