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Originally Posted by RickyBobby View Post
Stalker, I didn't consider the 5100's because I wanted double adjustable shocks. The 5200's weren't available yet so I got the 4200's. I may have splurged for the 5200's if they were an option at the time but they do add a considerable amount of cost and NASA TT points for the marginal performance gain. No regrets with the 4200's..

Justin, congrats on the M3. Front springs should be 7" and the rears should be 9" total lengh (8" w/ helper or 9" depending on rates). I'm not sure I believe in any of the magic that people are claiming with the swift springs. I have run both swift and hyperco on the AST's and felt no difference at all. When held side by side, they both had the same number of coils and looked pretty darn close in wire diameter. They're both top notch springs but do not have any bearing on the ride quality like the marketing martial suggests.

I knocked off a 2:01 at thunderhill last weekend all while locking up the rears due to being sent the wrong front brake pads. I can't wait to go back next month with the right pads.

I do have to report that I just took off one shock to send back for warranty repair due to leaking. I'm sure it will be turned around very quickly and I'll be back on the road in no time.
Thanks for the for the feedback.
Hopefully they get a new shock out to you fast.

Did they tell you exactly what the problem is??

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