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Originally Posted by BobS View Post
Are they going to extend or have any other programs after Jan 1st? I know this is probably a impossible question to answer but I'm parting out my 335 now and won't be able to look at a m3 till mid Jan
I don't know and I suspect the information will not be available until the current program expires. However, assuming that you would be taking delivery within 60 days and financing through BMW Financial, the existing program would still apply. Simply submit a credit application through your dealer.

My guess it that some type of incentive would be available as the M3 is in the final year of production. The demand seems to be there but search the auto websites and you'll find a lot of coupes and verts available.

I am planning on securing a deal sometime between mid to late January for late April to early May delivery (possibly PCD).

The year-end program is good for a M3. If leasing, the residual is now 59/61/62 for 15k/12k/10k respectively. Combine this with Holiday, Loyalty and BMW Apps plus include MSD's, it would make for a low payment.