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Originally Posted by prodigymb View Post
Zim - didnt your car dyno like 90whp more then Ak's car and my friends Alexs car. How does it make sense that all 3 cars are trapping 120mph give or take 1-2mph. Even with traction issues i thought your car would be closer to 130range at that power level...
Not quite sure how but what I do know is I had wheel spin 200+ ft down the track ( 1st 2nd & all of 3rd ) and I was side by side with AK , not sure what his idea of wheel spin is but mine would fully spin 1st 2nd & 3rd now when I say fully I mean spinning and switching gears and spinning and switching gears .. Some people get minor chirp and think that's spinning ... Pay attention to Ak's run and you will hear him chirp and chirp only not putting him down just clarifing what my idea and take of wheel spin is ..

I got one in car bloggie and 2 gopro's that will record the fun sunday I'm sure everyone would love to see .

Did you get the wheel spin I was getting when you trapped 118 ?