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Originally Posted by Cadillac Johnson View Post
Yeah I know they're making an RS5, that's why I cancelled my 335i order.

It's the motor that I'm asking about. TTV8 or NAV8?
Well, I dont think that'll be the deciding factor but its still important. Many people are choosing the RS4 over the M3, some even calling it equal to the M3. Clearly the RS4 despite older, is puting up a good fight.

Now, with the new chassis alone I think the RS5 would be a great improvement over the RS4. However I think we can expect a new engine. I've got my money on a 4.0TFSI based on the new RS6 engine. It makes sense. The RS6 is puting out over 600bhp (that's the real figure I've heard) and has a huge amount of torque over a great rev range. It makes sense, all the framework is there. Audi only need to reduce the engine size and we have a beast!