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Originally Posted by NikB316 View Post
Very nice and consistent dynos - your car was a beast at the last event.

What kind of numbers does this translate to SAE wise? I was under the impression that SAE was the industry standard for dyno data but please correct me if I'm wrong as I am a little new to the dyno world.

That 8600rpm redline must be fun!
By the way, a friend of mine just educated me on STD vs SAE. Here goes:

SAE is a standard horsepower correction governed by a standards body. It is documented in SAE-j1349. This has been the standard since 1990. STD has multiple definitions and hence is harder to track down. Some calculate STD as SAE-j607. J607 was adopted in 1974 and did not account for friction loss...hence gives higher results than j1349. Others calculate STD as the original j1349 from 1990 using 60 degrees and 1013mb pressure as reference. However in 2004, j1349 was updated to 77 degrees and 990mb pressure reference. So STD-1349-1990 also gives higher results than the 2004 update.

EDIT: I just checked and my SAE RWHP is lower by 15.
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