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Originally Posted by Richbot View Post
You want the rear to match as close as possible to keep the differential happy. A pull to the right or left is easy to manage for a few miles, a burned up m diff is a different story and I want a spare I can drive on for hundreds of miles if needed. The viscous lock/unlock mechanism in the diff is easy to overheat on a racetrack with same size rear tires, imagine a 3% difference in wheel speed for a few hundred miles

The rear size will rub on the front fender liner under certain conditions

A nineteen is big enough to fit the BMW jack kit inside and an eighteen isn't fyi
can you please clarify your last statement? Sorry, i am kind of a newbie here. What do you mean by "eighteen isn't fyi?" And when you say, the "BMW jack kit inside", do you mean that the m3 comes with a jack kit?? I was assuming it does not since it doesnt come with a spare, but I may be wrong!!!

Will the rear rub the front fender liner under normal highway driving conditions?? This is one of the reasons why I have ordered mine with standard 18"ers without the lowered suspension. I do need the practicality of the 18"s in my neck of the woods........

And I completely agree with you on the differential issue. Those were my exact thoughts, 'cause sometimes the routes that I ply on between Texas and Oklahoma, it can happen that you have to drive a good 80-150 miles, sometimes even 200, before you can get to a good wheel/tire store or a BMW dealership. And roadside assistance, as good as it maybe has its own limitations. I would rather have the capability to get home and then go to my regular dealer. sometimes I dont have an option given the time and work schedule.

but many thanks for your input, confirms my thoughts, rather save the differential and deal with a lill pull on the highway than mess around with uneven circumferences at the business end of things......