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Originally Posted by UdubBadger View Post
I just feel like I'd be able to produce a lot better pics by upgrading... not saying my skills are close to being perfect already but having the camera I do right now has SOME limitations to it and I want to be able to not be limited by it, especially while I'm in school learning cool new stuff and possibly even making some money using them while I'm there by doing paid work on the side (right now its mostly just favors for friends).
Dude, take it from me. Money first on glass. Body is the last upgrade since they will reflect more on your work that the camera body.

Your lenses will be the main tools here. You pick a high end body and slap on a f/4 or even a f/5.6 lens, still resorts you using high ISO's and yield grainy pictures vs a faster lens weather its a prime or zoom. Better glass will suit better pictures before body unless you need lightening AF and clean ISO use but then think to yourself, does that justify the cost of a new camera?

I opted for a 5D not because my skills were lacking, but for what I wanted out of it. When I had my 400D, I sat and shot beside a 1D shooter with virtually the same lens, could anyone tell the difference? Nope.

EDIT : What lenses do you currently own?