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Originally Posted by SehrSchnell View Post
Eisenmann has the best sound bar none... however the 'Race' version is loud and has some drone in the low rpms. The sound is simply fantastic, but might be a tad too loud especially in Sweden. In Germany I'd get pulled over probably every day.

The Akra is simply a work of art.... the best made exhaust on the planet. It is expensive (partially because it is made out of titanium), super light, and has a very nice sound. It is pretty civil, but has a nice deep tone, and gets loud at hight rpms. I think it is a very nice compromise when you keep your neighbors in mind. You have two choices with the Akra... the slip-on, or the full Evo version. The Evo version has high-flow cats that might be illegal in Sweden. Shit like that doesn't stop us here though. The full evo version is substantially louder than just the slip-on version, but still very civil when compared to the Eisenmann Race or Sport.

I had the Eisenmann Race with a cat-less Dinan x-pipe and the sound was simply awesome. I recently switched it up with the Akra, but kept the Dinan x-pipe. I'm very happy with that combo and sound.

Unless you go with a full exhaust no axle back (slip-on) will give you much (or any noticeable) power.

Hope that helps!

Viele Gruesse,
I love this combo too.

I could never deal with drone.