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Originally Posted by JohnnyRoaster View Post
It sounds to me like the DSC kicking in...
How and why?

Originally Posted by stefan View Post
Do you have "power" turned on? It makes the throttle really jerky/stabby. Try with it off.

In terms of the "bucking" below 3K, sounds like you are coming off the throttle too quickly. Try to be more smooth, I think all powerful cars these days are like this. If I did that on my E46 M it would be pretty jerky.

To alleviate some of your concern, this really does not sound like a gearbox malfunction.
Power is off, and makes no difference in terms of this "jolt"
I know what you mean with the jerky-ness, I too had a E46 M3

I never exactly thought of it as a tranny issue, other than it jolt precisely @ 1500k & 1900k rpms.

Originally Posted by Krozi View Post
I think everything is fine. These cars don't like low RPM.

Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
Since it doesn't happen at larger throttle openings or under any other conditions, you're obviously looking at engine tuning. Remember the S65 doens't have a MAF, so low-rpm fueling is not perfect. When cold, it can buck like a bronco. And when hot, it can be jerky if engine is LUGGED.

I'm sure many of us would experience the same issues, but I never lug my engine like that. I've never experienced any issues at those rpm in 2nd or 3rd, but the rare few times I've accelerated from those rpm, I do it at less than 25% throttle until above 2K. If I have to accelerate quicker, always downshift.

Bottom line is there's no problem man. Just adjust your driving habits. And your engine will thank you for it . If you don't like to shift, you should have bought an automatic . Take care.
I like your post by far, sounds most logical to me in regards to the lack of a MAF.

What do you mean by LUGGED?

nothing is being lugged if my car was rolling at 10mph, gently engage the clutch in 2nd, and gently accelerate @ 20% throttle.

I take your 3rd paragraph in offense but ... I dont see any problems in my driving habits. I speak of an issue that was of no existence to oh why is my car doing this?
My engine does thank me, for my religious 5K oil change intervals; oil analysis says engine is healthy and strong..
I love to shift! please dont let my low post count fool you. I am by far not new to ///M Cars! Having my first E46 Tiag M3 (SMG) back in '02

btw, I live in Vegas, so my car has been through 30 degrees to 117 degrees so hi and low temps are not new to this car.

Thank you all for all your great input

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