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I have to say, after having my father's 2011 CTS-V sedan for a week, I'm not impressed. He has the regular seats, not the Recaros and it's an automatic. But so much of the car just isn't that great. The transmission is just awful, plain and simple. The GM navigation isn't very helpful, there's no Bluetooth, the iPod adapter is the worst I've ever used, the seats are not bolstered enough for me and make my back hurt, and the suspension, whether in Touring or Sport, is just crap. But the worst thing of all for me is the steering wheel. It's SO awful. It's the worst thing I've ever wrapped my dick beaters around. It's great when flying through a corner, but driving down the highway there's so much tire noise that I just get shitty headaches.

I say, set the car on fire and start from scratch. It's ridiculously fast in a straight line, and not too shabby in the corners. As fun as it may be when that LSA motor is at full bore, I found myself getting tired of the car.

The things it does right: Brakes, power, steering input/sensitivity, suspension through corners. All else, not that great.

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