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Clueless once again. Is the dealership right or wrong?

This is a third part to my wheels problem. So started about 2 weeks ago I noticed that the rear left wheel started giving sounds. The sound is some klunking that is proportional to the car speed. So faster would give more frequent sounds.

Took it in to the dealer. Conclusion they give is this: the aftermarket rims that I got doesn't fit well with these cars. The middle hub of the rotor is too long and the socket in the wheel is not deep enough for it. As a result there is a 3mm gap between the wheel and the rotor. This caused the rotor to go lose and now the bearings are lose and needs replacement.

Called a friend who knows something about cars (unlike me) and said it's normal to have a gap for aftermarket wheels. They never fit

I don't care much about the few hundred dollars to replace the rotor. Take that money. More importantly, are my rims good? If they are not I have to pay 4000 for the BMW snow tire package and hopefully get a refund on these current set.

So can bad rims break rotars? Is there thing as bad non-fitting rims to begin with??