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On a side note... how's the Evo X MR?

I kind of want to lease one as a fun, cheap, I don't care much about track car.... they're ~300/month with a couple grand down.

Originally Posted by 1MOREMOD View Post
whats the reason for renting now? is it because you cant afford a house? dont want a house until later? plan on moving? if your reasoning is sound for why you dont own first then the car i can see doing it but most situations the house should be first then start upgrading your cars, watches and rest of your life after.
I can't speak for the op, but I know many around my age (I am also mid 20s, actually.. not at the "mid" point yet...) don't buy a home because we really don't know where we want to live.

Buying a home = large down (we are young, so usually need at least 20, if not 30+ % down).
if you don't like it.. yes you can rent it out, but, at least to me, I want to enjoy my first home and live in for a decent period.

Buying investment properties are different... 2 of mine I would never live in myself, but they provide a fair residual income. But I don't know many in their mid 20s who want to buy a home

So to all who say buying a home... what if the op doesn't know where he wants to live, thus buying isn't so wise?