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Originally Posted by Skiptomylou37 View Post
I am a young guy, mid 20's, who works in medical sales. No wife, no kids, no serious relationship, I make good money, have a retirement plan + full benefits through work and also have a side job coaching hockey privately that I make about 1k from a month. I have a company car and currently have an Evo X MR for a fun/weekend car and am thinking of stepping it up a bit. I had an e90 M3 before the Evo and am considering getting another M3 but for only a little bit more a month I could get a new or almost new M3, get a couple year old M3 and supercharge it, 911 turbo, GTR, etc. I guess my question is is it stupid of me financially to consider having a $600-$700/month car payment instead of my $400/month payment now to drive something newer that has more flare? Two things before you answer. This car payment money is all disposable income. Like I said before, I have a retirement plan, 401k, mutual funds, the works, plus money I put away every month to eventually buy a house. Also, my dad passed way unexpectedly at 50 and always wanted a Porsche 911 but never got one and because of that, I don't want to say I am a "I want it now" person, but I definitely think you really have to go after what you want in life and get it. That all being said, I would appreciate some wise advice.

Personally, I'd get the house before the car.

If you have to ask, then your gut is telling you that it's not right. It shouldn't be a complicated decision. Nothing worse than being car poor.
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