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Originally Posted by Karnidge View Post
So, cops make 150k a year, drive M3s and retire when they are 50?! I find this hard to believe.
Not generally but here you go

I work on Wall Street and I notice M6/740i's parked all day in no parking with NYPD badges on windshields.

In Yonkers, more than 100 retired police officers and firefighters are collecting pensions greater than their pay when they were working. One of the youngest, Hugo Tassone, retired at 44 with a base pay of about $74,000 a year. His pension is now $101,333 a year.

It’s what the system promised, said Mr. Tassone, now 47, adding that he did nothing wrong by adding lots of overtime to his base pay shortly before retiring. “I don’t understand how the working guy that held up their end of the bargain became the problem,” he said.

If you're looking for one of the reasons why Nassau County spends so much, start with police pay.

The average salary of a sworn police officer in Nassau last year was $107,000.

Cops receive free health care and up to five "blood days"—comp days for every time they donate blood. The total package, including fringe benefits and overtime, averages $202,400 per officer.