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Originally Posted by Desert_Fox View Post
As a college student, I would be better off dropping out and sitting on my ass receiving government aid than to pay thousands in student loans for poor job prospects in this economy. The Democrats have always been the party of the lazy and the freeloaders. All my high school friends who have been sitting in community college and smoking all day are pretty happy Obama will sustain their lazy lifestyle. It's a sad day, because I don't think the Republicans just lost 2012, I believe they have lost for elections to come.
You sound like my brother. He regurgitates Rush Limbaugh all day, bitching about entitlements and freeloaders and so on. About a year ago he shattered his foot in an accident and can't work. He now gets SSI disability and still screams bloody murder about people with entitlements.

But you're right, the GOP is all done unless and until they dump the screaming idiots of the Tea Party and the Christian Right. They need to get away from the social issues and they need to accept that any government must levy taxes fairly to survive. As it stands now people vote for the GOP because of social issues or because they stand to profit from an unfettered and unsupervised market (or on the flawed assumption that the GOP makes America stronger militarily). The problem is that many Americans these days don't care about social issues and are victims of an unfettered and unsupervised market rather than beneficiaries. Those people just re-elected Obama.

If we survive the next four years I see two possible outcomes. One, we survive, but just barely, and the economy is still a mess and getting even worse. Obama and the Dems will get the blame and the GOP will come back into favor. Or two, the economy recovers to a more acceptable level and Obama and the Dems in general get the credit.

Scenario One is really scary because at that point the GOP coming into power will be like getting promoted to captain of the Titanic 30 minutes after hitting the iceberg.

Scenario Two will make the GOP irrelevant to everyone except the social conservatives for the next decade.

Scenario Three, of course, is that we don't survive the next four years. If that happens, we won't be sitting here discussing it, I'm sure.

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