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Originally Posted by gthal View Post
True... When I owned my 6MT it was far from "bad" but was a disappointment relative to the car overall. That is what bugged me. If the engineers designed it to only perform when pushed hard, that is still a flaw because it did NOT need to be designed that way. But like I said, it isn't really "bad" per se.

Let's not make this into a DCT vs. 6MT thread but there is little to nothing wrong with the DCT today (other than personal preference for a 6MT). It is pretty flawless in operation and function in my experience. Not for everyone because some love the 6MT, perceived greater involvement, etc, but for what it is intended to do it is pretty close to perfect IMO. You don't hear many people ever complain about the DCT or its operation whereas many complain about the 6MT's notchiness, grinding into 2nd and clutch engagement.

I agree lets not make this into a 6mt vs DCT thread