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Originally Posted by KTM505SX View Post
The manual tranny likes to be driven hard.The harder it's pushed the better it feels.The feeling you get from pulling off from a cold start,or putting around town is not a true representation of how the 6mt ''really'' feels and was designed to be used.It's a beast of a transmission,gotta use it as such.Driving it in sport mode helps quite a bit too.
That's an excuse... it shouldn't need to be "driven hard" to enjoy it. Bottom line is your comment may be true but it should not need to be... as I said, drive a Porsche... it's 6MT feels great around town, on the track, whenever.

P.S. Why is pulling away from a cold start or putting around town not a true representation? It is how you drive 80% of the time. If it isn't a true representation the real issue is that it SHOULD be!! Again, I'm not saying the 6MT isn't a decent transmission... clearly it is... but it is a weak spot for the M3 compared to the rest of the car. The mere fact that it only feels good when being pushed is proof.
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