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Originally Posted by Mr.Metak2you View Post
For effective sealing with this tight cylinder spacing, BMW M engineers developed new 3-layer steel head gaskets."
Thanks for posting this information. I read that as well in my effort to confirm the S62 does not use press-in sleeves.

I assume you were bolding the part about the gaskets in an effort to suggest it can help account for the alleged weight difference? I am skeptical of that to say the least. I would need to see the shipping weight on those vs. the M3 head gaskets to be convinced. I highly doubt there is more than a pound or so difference between the two.

What are M3 gaskets made of, I wonder? There's only 6mm between cylinders in the S65. I suppose that is 50% more than an S62, but then we are also talking about a significantly higher compression ratio too.
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