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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
There is no way in hell an S62 is nearly 100 lbs lighter than an s65. They are both aluminum V8s with roughly the same size block. Just putting that out there......The S62 may have a higher deck (not sure) which would mean more displacement potential in theory. Both have an 98mm bore center like all BMW V8s. For a race series that does not allow altering the short block from stock, the S62 obviously has the advantage.
Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
That too seems suspect. Does the S62 use iron sleeves? I think it uses a spray on bore liner just like the S65. And the deck heights should be within 10mm. Aside from that difference, every other part in the engines should be within a couple percent weight-wise one way or the other. And both engine will have almost the same parts since they are both DOHC V8s with chain drive valvetrain and dual VANOS.
More info on S62:

"The S62 uses weight-saving silicon-impregnated cylinder walls and has a specific casting with 94.0-mm cylinders. The stroke is mm to 89.0 mm. This results in a displacement of 4941 cc, or approximately 5 liters. "Above all, we wanted to create an abundant torque curve," says BMW M engineer Wolfgang Kreinhfner modestly - and if that is the goal, to paraphrase what the hot-rodders used to say, "there's no substitute for liters." The cylinder centers are 98.0 mm apart, leaving only 4 mm of block surface between cylinders. For effective sealing with this tight cylinder spacing, BMW M engineers developed new 3-layer steel head gaskets."