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Originally Posted by img View Post
Looks like a good turn out ,shoot for a Sunday next time
Yeah no doubt we'll definitely set up a sunday one soon! I'll post on it as soon as we figure it out!

Originally Posted by NikB316 View Post
Nice pics! Damn that metallic matte looks dope. Hey Sal...wanna finance a wrap for a brotha! Hah I kid I kid.
Hahaha I bet you're not kidding

Originally Posted by RuthlessE90 View Post

when the next one??
Soon! Might even be next weekend... I'll keep everyone posted!

Originally Posted by M3_FJ View Post
Abiel did a great job setting this up and picking a sweet spot to meet. Not too many places in NYC tht will accommodate parking for that many cars. It's too bad traffic was so damn heavy last night and few guys couldn't make it. But for a weeks notice and the traffic I think most of us battled it turned out good. I'm not so good with names either as Nik stated above. But seems like a bunch of cool guys that know and love their M's. Looking forward to the next one. Haha I'm pretty sure we shook a few people when we ripped down the west side hwy. I saw a few facial expressions at red lights
Yeah man i was a little skeptic at first but it turned out great!!! Had it not been cuz of the bad traffic, It would've been perfect... but hey it was worth it.

Originally Posted by Sal@AUTOcouture View Post
Good meeting everyone last night, it was a blast! West Side Highway drive was

Nice pics Abiel!