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This is why they have to mark stuff up. They have good return policies.

Originally Posted by carogers86 View Post
My Chinese made laptop power cord burnt out today. I spent $7+$15 shipped a year ago from a seller based in China via eBay. I needed a power adapter bad, so I bought a genuine HP power adapter for $80 from best buy. While I was waiting in line, I searched on eBay via app on iPhone and found same exact, genuine, brand new, HP power cord for $30 shipped.

Spent $80 for the cable at best buy today and will return it for full refund when the $30 cable arrives. I used the same system for my griffin car and wall charger & my mophie power pack plus battery extender. Battery extender was $107 from best buy and griffin charger was $45. I got the griffin pack for $15 shipped and the mophie for $60 shipped.

Friends think I'm ghetto/crazy. I jusy dont like getting ripped off. And hey, I can't afford a BMW if I have to pay retail price for everything. eBay/amazon FTW.