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Add 1 quart? Already?!?

So I had the 1200 mile service performed at my local dealership three days ago. I have a 6MT so they changed oil, tranny/rear diff fluids. I adhered to a meticulous break-in period so was excited to spool up the V8 over the weekend. Didn't go nuts, just a few runs up to around 7K RPM after proper warm-up.

Today on my way to work, I'm driving at leisurely pace and a warning display chimes that "Engine Oil is low" and that I need to add a quart "immediately" or "risk engine damage", etc...

WTF?? I've read about the M3 needing to have oil topped off every few thousand miles perhaps, but this seemed odd right after the service was performed. I will be taking over to the dealer later this morning, but wanted to run it by the forum. I didn't look for an oil spot on my garage floor b/c the warning came after I was already on my way to work.

Any thoughts? Loose oil-pan screw? Underfilled from the start? Did I actually "burn off" a quart with my limited weekend rev-ups (that would suck)??