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Originally Posted by derekL View Post
if you prestige the second time, do you lose your prestige challenges?
I stayed at level 70 first prestige until I got my gold SCAR medal (500 headshots). Then I worked on the AK-47 for a while but got bored and prestiged again. I'm happy to report that none of the weapon prestige challenges reset -- so I now have like 600 headshots on the way to 1000 headshots with the SCAR. But all of the other challenges reset, and -- I think -- even some prestige challenges reset.

But if you stay at level 70 on 1st prestige, I bet the same thing happens to you. Eventually, you'll be like, "wow, 15000 experience points that round, and they're all wasted?" And you'll prestige again. This next time around, I won't even stick around level 70, I'll just prestige again right away. With the 3rd prestige, you get another custom slot again.

No way I'll make it to 10th prestige. I am certain I'll be bored of the game by then. Already, I'm getting a little less infatuated with it. I'm looking forward to the new maps, if they ever make their way to the PS3.
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