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RWD only.
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These latest iterations of Audis (new A4/5, S4/5, RS6, and R8) and BMWs (like the facelifted 5, X5, and e92/3 with the really bright stock angels) are instantly recognizable on the road moreso than anything else in my opinion.

It's good to have a uniform design language across a brand. Brand recognition is something each manufacturer strives for, but so far I think only Audi and BMW are nailing it on the head. Brightworks makes up a large part of it. Grilles make up the other part. You see a split grille you think either Pontiac or BMW, but the angels make it unmistakable. You see a big nose of a grille, and you think Audi. Now you don't even need to see the grille. You have those incredibly bright LEDs to spot.
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