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I have a Jerez Black and the occasional swirl mark is going to happen. I would use two buckets, one with just rinse water and a dirt guard on the botom. Rinse the mitt after every pass in the water bucket and scrape it on the dirt guard. I start at the top of the car and work my way down. I have a sperate mitt that I use on the lower parts of the body panels. Using a foam gun after rinsing off the loose dirt will add more lubrication to the wash.

I bought a random orbital polisher that does a great job at getting the small scratches out of the clear coat. I already have a small arsenal of detailing products. Get some good clay and use it before you seal and wax which should be about every three months.

I would also be interested in hearing from any of the pros about the grout sponge. I would not even think about using one that has ever seen grout though.