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Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
Show me the part of her testimony where she makes any mention of this?!?!

That blowhard Rush Limbaugh has made fools of all of you. The quote below the picture is 100% fabricated from Limbaugh's program. Her testimony never even ventured into any of the areas mentioned in the quote.

This is pure hate-driven propaganda. All of you, for some inexplicable reason, view someone who advocates that all prescription medicines be covered, as a liberal left-wing enemy combatant.

What's more, I've never, ever heard any left-leaning person on TV, in print, online, or in-person refer to Sarah Palin as a slut. Seriously, what is wrong with you people?
Calm down Nancy, living a life of near hysteria all the time must be exhausting.

You lib-twerps made this about contraception when the argument is really about religious liberty and freedom from government interference.

She set them up by enrolling with the true agenda of attacking the school's policies. She was portrayed by a sympathetic media as one person when in fact she's an agenda-driven professional activist. That makes her effectively, a liar, at the least disingenuous, and she was aided and abetted by dems and the press. I guess congratulations are in order?

I actually don't give a damn what she spends on contraception. She created this controversy all by herself when there should be no issue.

p.s. Condoms, IUDs, the pill--it's damn hard to get to $3000 no matter what her needs are.

p.s.s. Limbaugh's a fat loud-mouthed fool of no consequence, you are welcome to him.