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Originally Posted by disapr View Post
I have the standard pilot cup tire, not the + version.

How badly is -3.0 camber going to cut the inside of my tires when I'm on the street? At 2.2 it's really not doing very much that isn't evened out on the track so I don't know if that will really change much.

TobiasMUC - Are you running the same pressure all around?

In this document they are using more pressure in the rear. This seems more appropriate for a rear/mid engine car.
With a lot of street driving only it will fairly quickly wear out the inside edge.

Based on your street driving I assumed you'd want to maximize settings for the track but if you want a better street-track friendly setup then I'd go with -2.5 front and -1.8 rear (typically want rear to be about 1deg less but -1.5 is definitely not enough camber for a r-comp that's driven on the track).

No, rear pressures should be higher than front. I usually start with a 2psi delta between the front and rear with a higher rear pressure, and then adjust for track conditions and temp.