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Originally Posted by M3-Mike View Post
LOl, that's too funny! When was this meeting, during the second day?

I was definitely faster after my ride with you, so your "tricks" do work.. guessing they are not the safest lines and that's why the trouble for Jay? Sorry Jay... didn't mean to get you in trouble.
No trouble - I did correct them and note that I showed you the proper line. Duncan took the heat (as he should have, he sometimes forgets how to drive with a student in the car. While often entertaining, not really teaching) Green sticker on your car lets you get away with a bit more. 4 tires on turtles is viewed as an off sometimes by the marshalls. The concern was you didn't appear to be in complete control.

The tire that exploded on track is a reminder that sh*t can happen even if you dont go off. (the car involved and driver will remain nameless at his request), but for those who were there saw the carnage of what can happen, fortunately nothing serious and no one was hurt. No sense in putting additional stress on tires and suspension for a fun lapping day. Nobody wins a prize and even a second or two quicker doesn't make it any less fun!