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Originally Posted by ragingclue View Post

The main drawbacks IMO were that the screen was too small to benefit from such great tech, and no LTE... Those were the two absolute problems with it....

And they've both been rectified. I still would prefer 4.2"-4.3"ish for screen size, but 4" is a MASSIVE improvement over 3.5". And LTE.... I don't think I need to explain that to anyone.

On top of those two things, the hardware has received notable upgrades across the board.... So what else is left really? Is this thing supposed to cook you dinner and give you a reach around while poking you in the butt?

I'm curious to see what happens to battery life though. Bigger screen plus LTE equals uh-oh. At least, that's what Apple fanbois have been preaching for years now. Now that the shoe might be on the other foot, it'll be funny to watch the arguments shift.
BAM... that is exactly whats on my mind. The only upgrade that I wanted was a better battery life and camera. I feel I didn't get either...

I don't need a bigger phone and I know LTE will be problems all around with the battery.
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