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Originally Posted by 11Series View Post
Yet you openly state that you voted THREE TIMES for the Bush's, and you say you will vote for a Republican again, even though NONE of them will actually ever pass any legislation like you claim you want.

These are the "winners" you brag about in this thread? How great they have done at failing to pass any legislation at all?

PS -- I can't believe you got suckered into the "vote Republican to protect the US against Al Qaida/Osama Bin Laden" crap. Sucker.
What Republican did I say I would vote for in the upcoming election? In voting for the Bush's, as I have stated before, I was voting for the lesser of two evils. I no longer consider myself constrained to vote for one of the two evils. There are others who can receive votes.

What was your excuse for your votes?

The vote for the presidency in 2000 was before the "Al Qaida/Osama Bin Laden crap." Were you old enough to have been there, or to know what was going on?