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Originally Posted by MineralWeiss View Post
I have two of the Craftsman aluminum jacks and I don't have any significant complaints. But like so many things these days, its affordable because it's made cheaply. When I do replace mine, I have been looking at one from Griot's. I have heard really great things about it, has excellent lift range, and gets under low cars. Curious if anyone on here has any experience with it? Many people on the C6 Corvette forums have raved about it.

Griot's garage Floor jack
Probably a solid jack. And the low clearance is a plus. I've used Griot's smaller/cheaper aluminum racing-style jack for 10 years with absolutely no problems. It's seen a lot of use, including changing over to winter tires during snowfall outside, and it's done a great job. Their stuff is a bit overpriced, but I think it's a quality piece.

That being said, I decided to finally retire it to back-up duty and picked up one of these babies for primary track/garage use:

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