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The Car Control Performance Driving School the day before delivery
a synosis of the $650 one day car control class btw
A barely perceptible mist is falling from a darkening sky. Your exit ramp is signed at 50mph and you are doing 47mph when you notice that the car is heading toward the outside barrier. Do you turn the wheel sharper? Do you hit the brakes hard? How about smoothly lifting off the accelerator pedal? Circumstances like these and many others happen every day, to drivers of every ability. Good drivers within fractions of a second process the car’s response to a loss of grip, adjust accordingly and continue on. No panic. No hesitation. No drama. That kind of reaction only comes from an instant diagnosis of the situation—a learned skill, not an innate response. Every driver should take the opportunity to develop these skills in a safe and controlled environment under the watchful eyes of a professional driver. So, while commuting is the act of getting from point A to point B, driving is the act of balancing the immutable forces of nature. The ability to accelerate, turn and stop your car is all governed by these forces and your capacity to harness them. We call it vehicle dynamics. Understanding those dynamics is fundamental to good driving.

One-Day Car Control SchoolInstructors:
Andy Van Cleef
Steve Woods
Ray Helms

I was fortunate enough to get someones cancellation on the Car Control Class the Sunday before delivery. Talk about the BMW Gods watching over me, it cant get any better than that. The One-Day Driver’s Program focuses on vehicle dynamics, not just in theory, but in practice–– lots of practice. I have to give Steve Woods Kudos for his dedication on this as he stayed during the down pour making sure we all had our turns on his emergency high speed collision avoidance lane change with emergency ABS stopping. I felt safe seeing the Tornado Shelter-sign at the bldg too and there wasn't any tornado then, but certainly quite comforting. There wasnt any then and the last photo was just my hands moving because I was still shaken by my co-driver near roll-over incident the exercise prior
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